• Low maintenance

    Flexline swimming pools are designed to be easy to clean.

    Low maintenance
  • Fast installation

    Straightforward installation process in a few days

    Fast installation
  • Durability

    Resistant to chemicals, corrosion and UV-rays among other qualities 

  • Pool Cover

    Choosing a pool cover can provide several benefits like: safety, energy efficiency and improved water quality among others. Flexline presents different types of cover systems for instance automatic pool covers, which are designed to cover and uncover with the touch of a button. You have the absolute freedom to choose where you want the cover system to be located. Cover in Plage Integrated in the pool The automatic cover is installed in an underwater bench, also called Plage. You’ll have a Plage where you can sit and relax and it will serve as a housing for the cover. The visible plage can even be fitted in stone if you wish. You can decide to have the cover integrated in a shallow Plage (at a depth of 20cm) or deep Plage (at a depth of your choosing). Cover in separate pit  Outside the swimming pool If you don’t want any visible system in your pool, you can opt for a cover system outside the pool. This cover pit will be just behind the pool, this option provides you the maximum swimming space. A solution often chosen by die-hard swimmers.  Covrex foam-filled slats or Solar polycarbonate slats Completely up to you which kind of slat you want for the swimming pool. You can choose the Covrex foam-filled slat,  which offers the maximum insulation coefficient over the whole lifespan of the cover. Also possible to equip your automatic cover is Quadro solar slats that have the ability to heat up the swimming pool water. Extremely resistant to shock, hail, low and very high temperatures.  We work exclusively with Belgian leading manufacturer Technics & Applications (T&A) for all types of cover solutions. For instance, if you don’t want an automatic cover pit there are other solutions like safety covers or seasonal covers. These all comply with regulations and are designed to insulate, protect and keep your swimming pool clean. 

    Pool Cover
  • Company

    Belgium-based company, created to meet the needs of high-demanding pool enthusiasts.

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    We've produce all kinds of pools. Take a look at what we've made possible!

    Inspiration pools
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    As a producer, our focus is to provide the best product installed by the best pool builder

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